Owners Karl Roulston and Tom Price's story began some time ago.

Everyone knows someone from their college days who had the great idea to make their own beer instead of paying retail every weekend. They order a beer kit and a 5 Gallon kettle, start mixing their wort syrup or dry malt extract in the kettle, then they read the part of the instructions about sugar content increasing alcohol by volume and out comes the bag of sugar...

Then the beer is bottled, put into the hot water heater closet to ferment and in a couple of weeks you return from classes and wonder what the terrible smell in the apartment might be. Security deposits are lost, lengthy cleaning is incurred and general despair sets in.

Karl was that guy in college in 1982 and didn’t consider home brewing again until the summer of 1999 after receiving a 5 Gallon home brew kit for Christmas the previous year. Bad memories kept Karl from even attempting to brew again for 6 months.

His kit came with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone recipe and this time he followed the recipe with pretty astounding results! The brew tasted very much like the target brew and was completely drinkable and enjoyable. After a few more 5 Gallon brews that year, Karl migrated from using Dry Malt Extract and prepackaged kits to milling his own barley and that’s where the craft takes off. Once you start milling your own barley you have absolute control over everything in the brewing process, and the makeup of the beer itself. Different malts provide different flavors and colors; pairing that with the different hop choices, allow an infinite possibility for the beer drinking palate to revel in.

Soon, Karl would make his brews into 5 Gallon kegs and force carbonate them in the keg and increased his kettle size to brew 15 gallons at a time. That’s the time that Karl started thinking about brewing on a larger scale.


Tom started brewing beer as a brew nut years ago when he also received a 5 gallon brew kit from his wife for Christmas. At first, he wanted no parts of it, thinking his wife had wasted good money on the kit. Tom had a wine cellar and was a wine connoisseur. He was not a beer maker. After several months on the shelf, he decided to give the kit a try. How hard could it be??

Many disasters followed along with many great beers. Many were poured down the sink and many were drank. Several seasonal beers were attempted with much success as well as Tom’s favorite, a Bourbon Barrel Beer. Family and friends encouraged Tom to open his own brewery, including his wife. Hmmmm. Could this hobby somehow become a business realty? Tom and Mary visited many breweries up and down the east coast in the next few years and with those visits came many interesting ideas.

Tom decided that it was time to look for property. The only way he would pursue this venture was if Karl Roulston would partner with him. Karl's knowledge and experience would be ideal. But could Tom convince Karl.
Tom showed Karl the theatre property in the summer of 2016 with hopes of spurring interest, thinking Karl would decline. Karl, however, loved the property and that day, their business partnership, Box Office Brewery, LLC was formed.

The building was purchased and many great beers will be brewed!!!

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